A month's worth of holiday activity with the family, captured in a few key drawings per day. Most of the logos are quick designs of my own. Sketches were done with pencil on fine cartridge paper, then traced onto tracing paper with fineliner pens, then scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop. Tite and dates were added in digitally.
This piece was prepped for print on a table cloth, and can be altered slightly to produce a repeating pattern for larger cloth. Final product to be updated soon.
The full calendar, prepped for printing onto table cloth.
Detail - The Taalmonument (Afrikaans Language monument) in Paarl, South Africa. The structure was designed by Jan Van Wijk.
Detail: a faux logo for Kayaking done off Sea Point, Cape Town. 
Detail: One of the Powerpuff girls, Buttercup.
Detail: A Lego Space Shuttle with a faux logo
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